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Conference Proceedings (Version March 2, 2023)
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We, the geophysicists at the University of Bremen, are pleased to host the 83rd Annual Meeting of the German Geophysical Society on our campus from 5 to 9 March 2023. It is a double pleasure: after two years in an online format, the conference can finally happen in presence again, and, after 17 years, for a second time here in Bremen.


In addition to the general session topics, we will present our geophysical research activities at Bremen and Bremerhaven with the key session topics. Especially the key session on "Renewable Energies", "Geophysics for the Exploration of the Rapidly Changing Polar Regions" and "(Marine) Natural Disasters" and also this year's DGG Colloquium "Mineral Exploration Geophysics" demonstrate the increasing importance of geophysics - also for society. The "DGG Future Workshop", which will take place on Thursday and Friday will therefore be dedicated to this topic.

The activities like the "Meet & Greet", the "Lunch Seminar on Career Prospects" and the "Lunch'n'Learn" in cooperation with GSSPE Young Professionals are intended to arouse the interest of younger colleagues.
A "Company Slam" where the companies represented at the conference can introduce themselves will be part of the opening event. Afterwards, the company exhibition will be opened.
The programme will be complemented by a public evening lecture and excursions to various research institutions in the vicinity of the University of Bremen campus.


We hope to see as many of you as possible in Bremen!


The organization team of the 83rd DGG Conference in Bremen